Use Copydex instead of PVA

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Metcalfe Small Box 300x225

I work in N gauge for ‘Hurst Hill’ so some ideas may not be suitable for larger scales.

I’m still building my layout and learning from many other model makers as I go.

One of the best tips I can offer is, whenever practical, consider using Copydex instead of PVA. It’s more expensive than PVA but the benefits are worth it:

  • Use neat Copydex for the trackbed (if used) and the track – you don’t need a continuous bead, just in key areas and it’s so easy to remove if you need to change a track. Slide a thin blade under the track and gently lift – it simply rubs off leaving the track ready for reuse. Using it for scatter, it can be applied thicker in places to give some gentle contours or shape to, for instance, a field or garden.
  • Diluted with water (about 1:4), it will hold ballast without setting so hard you can’t move it and it also helps keep the noise level down. An extra benefit seems to be that it doesn’t turn ballast green, something that I’ve read happens with some PVA and ballast combos!
  • Watercolour pencils of the right colour, carefully applied and barely moist can help cover the white edges and corners on card kits. Example pic attached Metcalfe small signal box.
  • Cocktail sticks cut down and coloured make first rate chimney pots. Example pic attached.
HH Chimneys 300x151

Hope these are handy for folk.

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