Tips for the N Scaled Bachmann-Highballer

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It can be hard to obtain the needed information about the Bachmann-Highballer especially if you don’t know where to search for them. If you want to create a layout which has several trains running on it, the N scaled Bachmann-Highballer is an excellent choice. You see, it was called ‘highball’ because it indicates that the track can accommodate reckless speeds of the trains. However, you still have to be extra careful in using this scale and model most specially the throttle. The term highballer was used to describe train engineers who prefer to drive at very high speeds.

What are the features that you can expect from the Bachmann-Highballer? Once you purchase this set, you will get the EMD F9 diesel locomotive. It ensures smooth running and it already comes with an operating headlight and all-wheel drive. You will also get an off-center caboose and two freight cars, speed controller, power pack, E-Z track in nickel silver (24” circle), and a detailed instruction manual. If you purchase online, you can enjoy around 32% discount but only if you shop around first.

If you are wondering if the tracks of Bachmann-Highballer can be extended, this will depend on how creative you are. Originally, the track is circular and if you purchase extra tracks, you may be able to create a track that goes into different directions. To be able to do this, you must consider the model and for this project, you are going to concentrate on the Bachmann-Highballer. Try to inquire at the local hobby shop or the online store if they are selling tracks. If you can find stores that sell additional tracks, you can purchase the very important ones that you really need. Before making the purchase, you can already sketch out the tracks that you want to extend and their designs. By doing so, you can determine the needed additional tracks that will make up your model railway layout.

The 11-piece rail tracks are curved, so if you want to extend the tracks, you can make use of straight ones. Simply use the internet to find other Bachmann tracks that is compatible with the Bachmann-Highballer. The tracks are snap-fit and this is an important feature that you need to watch out. Never purchase an incompatible track because you will waste your money and you won’t be able to attach it to the curved tracks of the Bachmann-Highballer.

So, what are you waiting for? This is the best time to start your search for the perfect model railway layout and you can also try American Limited Models, Athearn N Scale Trains, Atlas, and many others. The N scale is an excellent choice because of its size and the ease of detailing. As long as you’re a creative person, you will be able to create an extended track with your Bachmann-Highballer. Not everyone can succeed with model railway layouts but if you put your heart to it and mix it with a bit of imagination, you can succeed. Put your N scaled Bachmann-Highballer to use and purchase additional tracks that you can add to the curved. This will be an additional cost but it’s worth the money.

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