Roco Model Trains – Trains For Beginners And Beyond

When the Roco Company started out in the 1960s they had one goal in mind: make an economical but highly detailed model kit for people to enjoy. That is exactly what they did. Thanks to plastic molding techniques Roco’s founder was able to make massive amounts of model kits for young and old to enjoy. Today they are more popular for their wide array of Roco Model Trains than any other models they produce.

Let’s face it, getting into model railroading can be expensive, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. The Roco line of trains offers you fashionable trains for a fraction of the cost. Part of the reason is plastic. Many model railroads are made of die-cast metal. This is not necessarily a bad thing, they look nice and quiet often more realistic than those made with plastic. But die-cast can be expensive. Not only do you pay for the metal, but the extra work that goes in to detailing that metal.

Also the more expensive models have tiny pieces that are easily broken. Children who enjoy trains can’t really enjoy these models, because for one thing their parent’s won’t let them touch it. The train costs too much for them to risk breaking it. For another, some just aren’t ready to handle the metal pieces; plastic really is the way to go with these children.

Roco lines come in the same popular scales as all other brands. They are available in the ever popular HO, N and TT (or table top) scales. These scales are attractive to anyone interested in the hobby of model trains.
Roco model trains also come in three main designs: Playtime, Professional and Platin.

Playtime is just as it sounds. These locomotives are geared towards children. It is the most reasonably priced of the three models available. The tracks are simple to use and it overall designed to encourage youngsters and new hobbyists to get down and “play” with the track. If you aren’t sure that you are getting a Playtime set, just look for the color. Playtime sets always come in orange.

Professional sets are a step above the playtime sets. These have more detail to them. They are geared for someone who has a little more experience with railroading. They are made of the highest quality and the technology is state of the art. Hobbyists who take their railroad seriously would love to have one of these economical trains as part of their collection. To distinguish these train sets from the Platin just look for the lovely blue color.

The Platin is the last type of train Roco offers. It is for the most experience and distinguished hobbyist around. The Platin series is a beautiful silver color and has the most distinctive detailing available. These high end models pull out all the stops for the serious collector.

Because of their extensive plastic line and modeling some of the trains for children there are those who might want to argue that Roco sells toy trains versus model trains. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Just because their “Playtime” line is geared towards children doesn’t mean that they are only toys. Their goal is to introduce the art of model railroading to the next generation of hobbyist.

Roco model trains are home to not just the trains and tracks that have made the popular. They include an entire line of railroad scenery that will make your set complete. From greenery to homes and people they have everything you need.

They are part of the pack when it comes to leaders in the industry. Roco trains are detailed but simple enough to make them inexpensive for the new train lover. They seek to provide a train for all ages and skill levels. Train enthusiasts of all stages would be proud to own one of these trains.

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