Life Like Model Ttrains – Great Detail For Less Price

Many model train enthusiasts will tell any newbie that model trains can get really expensive really fast. You are paying for not just the scale of the engine but the name brand and the detail work. Not all name brands pride themselves on having detailed cars and engines. They promote other major selling points, since not every model railroader is interested in having a detailed train. Life Like model trains takes pride in not only having detailed engines and cars, but also of the smooth ride of their trains.

PROTO 2000

The company keeps things simple by having two main lines of locomotives. For those that are extremely detail oriented then you need to check out the Proto 2000 Line. These cars and engines deliver detail such as uncoupling bars and grab irons. Even though you can find the same amount of detail work on their competitors you will find that you will pay less for the Life Like brand. Although many of their models are N scale they have started producing the more popular HO scale models as well.

Probably one of the main complaints about the Proto 2000 line of trains is the small detail parts can break off easily. So for new comers to the game these might not be the perfect engine for you. However, for those who
know how to handle an engine gently you still might find them easily broken. Because of that Life Like now offers their cars in either ready to run form or kits.

Another problem that early Proto 2000’s had was axel gear noise. You could literally hear a crunching or crackling sound on some of their earlier models. This was before they improved their drives. If you do have one of these earlier models you can contact the company to get a replacement unit. The units are free since the trains were to have a lifetime warranty. Even though the company has changed hands, Wm K. Walthers still honors the lifetime warranty.

PROTO 1000

Still designed to be cheaper than its competitors the Proto 1000 is a mostly N scale line that is a little less detailed than the Proto 2000. This line is not only lower in price than many of its competitors it is also lower in price than the Proto 2000. Even though it doesn’t have all the intricate detail that the Proto 2000 does, it is still nicely detailed. Since it doesn’t have all the small parts of the Proto 2000 line the Life Like Proto 1000 trains are perfect for those just starting out in the model railroading hobby.

Until recently, the Proto 1000 was strictly an N scale like. Because of this short coming there was a distributor that noted the “hole in the market” for quality HO scale models that were affordable to all. Working with Life Like, Canadian Hobbycraft designed and began marketing a Life Like model train Proto 1000 series in the HO scale. Unlike the N scale, these HO scale models have all the detailing work of the Proto 2000 series but are included in the Proto 1000 series banner. This means that you can get the more popular scale train, with great detail work for a fraction of the cost of other model trains.

Like the Proto 2000 the Proto 1000 offers its users the same smooth drive system as the Proto 2000. Also their tracking capability matches that of the Proto 2000. With their low price, attractive paint schemes and Kadee-compatible couplers there is little wonder to why these trains are so popular with those just starting out in the hobby.

Life Like trains are marketed as a great way to start learning about model railroading. They are the low cost alternative to many of the brands available. Perfect for new railroad masters but detailed enough to make even the most experienced proud to own one.

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