LGB Model Trains – Garden Trains That Are Easy To Use

Who doesn’t love the look of a train outside in the garden? The G scale train is popular for this type of use. The LGB model train company is the pioneer of this type of train and if you are looking to add a garden train to your repertoire of trains, then checking this company out might be in your best interest.

LGB stands for Lehmann Gross Bahn, or in English Lehmann Big Train. And that’s essentially what it is. These trains are G scale which is the biggest scale of model train available. They are made to run outside in a garden or, for those of us in the US, in the yard.

These trains are often seen in parks and malls around Christmas time. Seen circling Santa’s village or a large Christmas tree, their charm brings joy to just about everyone that sees them, and for a moment adults are children again.

The great thing about the LGB trains is they look good. They don’t look cheaply made. Their detail is just as good as the smaller bench top trains that so many collectors use.

These trains are also simple to use, making them perfect for someone who is just learning about model railroading. All the wiring on the LGB trains is color coded so you can set up the system with no knowledge of how the electronics actually work.

Because these types of trains are meant for outside use you will find that they are quiet rugged. They don’t break easily and are made to be handled over and over again. They are a good choice for homes where children are running about and might even be handling the trains.

The mechanics are also built for the great outdoors. The gear boxes are sealed. That means that no dirt, water or other debris can get inside and destroy the inner workings. And the tracks are built to withstand it all as well having been machined from solid brass. Many of these models can withstand just about any weather that can be thrown at it. Hot days, rainy weather, even snow storms, all are no problem for this tough piece of equipment.

Unlike many of the other types and scales of model trains, the LGB trains are limited in the accessories that you can get with them. You don’t have as many styles and cars to go with the limited variety of locomotive. All total there are only about 150 passenger and freight cars to choose from, and there are only about 30 different styles of track. The good thing about that is you won’t find yourself going overboard on accessories and parts. The bad part, you are limited on how to make your train look.

You can get a variety of different engines though. Where there are only 150 cars, there are 600 engines. You can decide if your train is a steamy or a diesel, or maybe you prefer all electric.
LGB trains are so simple to use. The train tracks assemble with no tools required and come with pre-drilled holes so that you can secure the track to something if you wish. All the extra’s work in concert, a simple push of the throttle will take care of the lights, whistle and smoke (if you have a steam engine). It’s so simple that anyone can work it.

The large trains market themselves as being high quality, complete trains. If you aren’t a model train aficionado but you want to add a sense of character to your yard or garden the LGB model train might be just what you are looking for.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these trains you might be able to find one at your local hobby store. If not then head to the internet, there are many sites that offer LGB trains for sell. Their site could be a place to head, if you can read and understand German, if not look around there are many other sites out there that you can find what you need.

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