G Scale Model Trains

When model train hobbyists refer to large-scale model trains, part of the scales grouped into the large-scale trains is the G scale. Its size is considerably larger compared to other types of model trains. In fact it is the largest of the popular scales that model train hobbyists deal with. G scale model trains are usually 1:22 to the actual size. That means that G scale model trains are one twenty-second of the size of the real train prototype. Other types of model trains come in lower ratios. The O scale which is also considered part of the larger-scale trains is only 1:48 to the actual size which is roughly half the size of the G scale model trains.
The G scale model train has a length if about 26.7 inches and a height of about 6.0 inches in comparison to the O scale model trains which have a length of about 16.1 inches and a height of about 3.6 inches. The G scale model train was pioneered by Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk, a German company often referred to as Lehmann Gross Bahn (LGB) or “Lehmann Big Train” in English. The company was founded in 1881 and had a USA side of the company called LGB of America.

G scale model trains are large and are also commonly referred to as “Garden Railroading” thus the common use of term “G Scale.” The letter “G” is also short for the German word groß which literally means “big” which coincides with its German history. Just like other large-scale trains, G scale model trains will run on No. 1 gauge track. The No. 1 gauge track is 45 mm between either rail.

It is their durability that makes them the perfect choice to be used in the garden or the outdoors. G scale tracks are usually made of brass. They require almost no maintenance from the owner. The only thing that these big train lovers need to do is to give the track a single wipe of clean cloth and its set for operations once again. The G scale model trains could be used for indoor purposed as well depending on the make up of the model train.

The best G scale manufacturers in the United States are Aristocraft and Bachmann.
People love the benefits of a G scale model train because of its durability. Parents can feel assured that their kids will be able to play with it and have a toy like this that will last for many years to come. G Scale model trains are a great hobby for parents and children to enjoy together as well. Parents can feel confident that their children can handle these trains although small children may lack the gentleness it takes to handle train scales of a smaller size like the N scale which is only about 4.8 inches in length and about 1.1 inches in height.

With the amount of time that model trains have been around, train makers have given us different size trains for every purpose. This includes the G scale model trains.

Model Train Track Layouts

Making and planning model train track layouts is one of the most fun aspects of train collecting, and is one of the reasons this hobby often lasts for a lifetime. You could never run out of changes to make to a train layout! There are numerous websites devoted to train lovers who write about and post pictures of their model trains. Video upload sites like YouTube have countless videos of model trains in action. These sites are not only entertaining, but they can also serve to inspire, and they’re great places to find people who can answer just about any question concerning model trains and model train track layouts.

For some model train enthusiasts, one scale of model train just isn’t enough! Some may have a little N scale or HO scale indoor layout, but also have a large G scale layout running through their garden outdoors. While most train hobbyists have one or two scales to which they are more devoted, they can appreciate the beauty and functionality of the other scales, too. There is nearly infinite scope for model train lovers to indulge in the great fun of making model train track layouts.

While some enthusiasts have entire rooms devoted to model trains, others may only have a table-top display that has to be put away when company comes over. There is room for every level of train collecting in the world of model train hobbyists. It is a passion that transcends nationality, geography, race, or gender, and sharing model train track layouts is a big part of the experience.

There are dozens of websites where people can share model train track layouts through pictures, videos, and text. These sites are great sources of information and help for things like designing for the sharpest curve your particular model can make without derailing. Collecting, designing, and running model train tracks are very enjoyable aspects of the hobby for most people, second only to the fun of sharing the experience with others.