5 of the World’s Greatest Model Railways

If you are a beginner, you may want to subscribe here to get access to my newsletter, which will give you more great info.Discover some of the longest model railways in the world. 1. Wunderland ‘“ Hamburg ‘“ Germany......
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The ride home from obtaining your first model train layout and accessories is an amazingly slow journey if you’re itching to get home and start running model trains. Fortunately, there are enough train enthusiasts that obtaining the things you......
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Model Railway Track

Track pieces for model railways are designated by their ‘gauge’ which is the distance between the rails. For example, the popular HO scale train has track that is 5/8’ or 16.5 mm wide, and the scale of the rolling......
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Model Railway Track Plans

model railway track plans
Model railway track plans range from the tiniest Z-scale tabletop trains to backyard trains that you can actually ride on. The hobby of creating track plans for model railways is as attractive to adults as it is for children.......
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Model Railway Layouts

Before you start to build any model railway you need to decide on what model railway layout you are going to use. I am going to offer a number of resources that will help you to design and build......
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Saving Money On Model Trains – Summary

It doesn‟t have to cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to start building your model railroad. By making your own scenery, shopping around and choosing the right type of train for your space you can save a lot of......
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Saving Money On Model Trains – Used Items

If you are interested in second hand items you want to be sure to check for a few things. As with all online purchases, purchases on EBay are subject to a picture and description. You can‟t hold the item......
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Saving Money On Model Trains – Ebay Guide To Bidding And Winning

Probably the easiest way to get the trains you want of the internet is on EBay. This popular auction site has tremendous amounts of trains in just about every scale imaginable. You will be able to obtain many of......
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Saving Money On Model Trains – Electronics

Model Trains Electronics
The electronics can be a little trickier. You will need some electronic components to run you railway. For those that are handy with tools you might consider rigging the electrical circuits of your railway yourself. There are lots of......
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Saving Money On Model Trains – Backgrounds and Scenery

Saving Money On Background and Scenery
When it comes to saving money on your railroad, the background and scenery might be the place to accomplish this. Spend a little of your budget on how to books. These insightful books can tell you how to make......
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Saving Money On Model Trains – Trains

Saving Money On Model Trains
Now that you have a budget and you know how you want things to look its time to actually find the train pieces you need. There are lots of places to find trains at a discount. A nice starting......
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Saving Money On Model Trains – Budget

Model Trains Budget
Before you can start looking for the pieces you need (or want) for your railway system you need to have a firm budget in mind. This is when you need to sit down and figure out what pieces you......
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Saving Money On Model Trains – Introduction

Saving Money On Model Trains
Building model trains is fun and exciting, but paying a lot for the pieces you need or want is not in anyone‟s best interest. No matter if you are just starting out in the railroading hobby or if you......
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Tips From Our Readers

Model Train Tips
To start with model trains as a hobby is usually very expensive. Often space and many other reasons can also prevent you from tackling the model train hobby. The outright cost can also dampen your enthusiasm. If this is......
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Plaster Tip

18 months ago I started constructing an N gauge model railway it is u shaped ten feet X nine feet X ten feet. I wanted a layout with lots of hills and tunnels. I knew it would be a......
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